Free Keywords Tools, How To Choose Best Keywords For Your Website?

There is a lot of keywords tools that are free to use and that would give you keywords related to your business, some of these tools and the most used one is Google keywords selector tool, the reason it is the most used tool is because it gives you how frequent a keyword is typed in search engines, the volume of search, the volume of KEI : Keyword Effectiveness Index.

Advertisers can also find the minimum bid for a keyword as well as the average position of their web site in search results for a specific keyword or search query. This happened with the home cash course scam we mentioned before.

Other tools are and keywords generator are Overture keywords selector, and word tracker, and all these tools are free.

Selecting keywords can be a tricky task, spend some quality time in choosing the best keywords that are not highly competitive mainly for a new web site.

Search engines consider words that appear in the title of a home page, the description tag, and the keywords list page headline and sub heads to be important to the page, so make sure your desired keywords and phrases appear in one or two header tags.

Don’t expect the search engine to parse your Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) to figure out which are the headlines — it won’t. Instead, use keywords in the H1, H2, and H3 tags to provide clues to the search engine. (Note: Some designers no longer use the H1, H2 tags. That’s a mistake. Make sure your designer defines these tags in the CSS rather than creating headline tags with other names.)

You need to make sure your keywords are in the first paragraph of the body text, search engines expect that your first paragraph will contain the important keywords for the document — where most people write an introduction to the content of the page. You don’t want to just artificially stuff keywords here, however. More is not better. Google might expect a keyword density in the entire body text area of maybe 1.5% to 2% for a word that should rank high, so don’t overdo it. Other places you might consider including keywords would be in ALT tags and perhaps COMMENT tags, though few search engines give these much if any weight.

Search engines are looking for clues to the focus of your page. When they see words hyperlinked in your body text, they consider these potentially important, so hyperlink your important keywords and keyphrases, to emphasize it even more, the webpage you are linking to could have a page name with the keyword or keyphrase, such as blue-widget.htm — another clue for the search engine.


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